Luxury yacht charter... The ultimate escape!

Abiego Yachts International

Allow Abiego Yachts International to help navigate your personalized journey on any sailing or motor yacht to any destination in the world.  Independence, intimacy, indulgence and complete command of your course await.  We offer the experience, knowledge, and unsurpassed clientele service that you demand and deserve as you plan the ultimate escape.


From the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, to the New England coast and the Great Barrier Reef, and everything in between, Abiego offers yacht charters to any destination in the world where any charter yacht will travel. A yacht charter through Abiego is the perfect remedy for the common vacation.


Why you will enjoy a yacht charter with Abiego:

  • You can plan your own charter and have complete control of your course. Cruise to distant islands or destinations of your choice, at your pace.
  • A friendly crew caters to every need and guides you to exotic locations.
  • Your own personal chef prepares delicacies of your choice, enhancing the local ambience and culture.
  • You can enjoy water sports on your personal luxury yacht charter. From snorkeling to scuba diving, kayaking to jet skis, and fishing to sunbathing; yacht charters offer it all.
  • Yacht charters are for everyone, and are available in all price ranges.

Above all, Abiego provides personal, responsive service to meet your every need, answer your every question, and finalize every detail so you can focus on the pleasures that lie ahead.